10 consejos para mejorar tu inglés (y complementar tus clases)
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10 consejos para mejorar tu inglés (y complementar tus clases)

aprender ingles mejorar idiomas get brit

10 consejos para mejorar tu inglés (y complementar tus clases)

Asistir a clases de inglés en una escuela de idiomas es, en mi opinión, la mejor forma de optimizar tiempo y recursos si realmente quieres aprender una segunda lengua. Pero también te digo que no te puedes quedar ahí; debes trabajar en casa y dedicarle tiempo y, sobre todo, constancia si quieres mejorar un idioma como el inglés.

Eso no significa que tengas que aburrirte o dedicarle largas horas de estudio. Diviértete y dedica tu tiempo a tus hobbies, pero en inglés!!!! Para que veas que es posible, te dejamos diez consejos que te servirán para completar tu formación en clase y que te harán mejorar tu nivel de inglés o de cualquier idioma que estudies. Y como no podría ser de otra manera, en inglés ☺

10 Consejos para mejorar tu inglés – 10 Tips to improve your English

1. To watch films or series in the original version. At the beginning, you can watch them with Spanish subtitles; but when you have fluency, it’s better to see them with English subtitles or without them.

2. To listen to top music. For this purpose, it’s a great idea to download the lyrics of the songs you’re listening for understanding.

3. To read books adapted to your English level or magazines for entertainment. If you have to look up lots of words in the dictionary, you’ll discourage and pull out of the reading.

4. To communicate with native people face to face or by videoconference. Enjoying Hello Helen! (free conversation groups organized by get brit!) is a great chance to maintain conversations in English in a relaxing and funny atmosphere and lose shame when speaking a foreign language. If you’re able to do it, you’ll have got an important achievement in the learning process.

5. To write emails or letters to penfriends from all over the world and exchange writing corrections. As a result, you’ll know the lexical differences between some English speaking countries.

6. To write down new vocabulary on your notebook and put it in context. It will make you remember new words and idiomatic expressions more easily.

7. To travel abroad, not only to practise your English, but also to learn different cultural aspects which will enrich your personal knowledge. Spending your summer holiday in Bath is totally recommended!

8. To search for new resources on the Internet in order to amplify your English skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Don’t only be satisfied with the knowledge acquired in class, be a good detective!

9. To continue studying and learning English. It’s very easy and common to forget the knowledge acquired when you’re learning a foreign language, so if you make an effort doing it, you’ll be rewarded. Remember this saying `You never stop learning´.

10. To have a clear goal and be motivated. It should be the key in our daily life to improve our general knowledge and be better in every area. Encouragement will reinforce your English learning.

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